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Interior Design Consultation Works

We believe that each project has it’s own aura and no two projects are the same and every client’s requirement in terms of preferences and overall design is unique and needs to be customized. Very often, clients have a indistinct vision and idea of the design that they want. We consider it our responsibility to plan the space and conceptualize the designs in accordance with the Client’s specific requirements. This process not only helps the Client’s to realize what they want but also helps us in bringing their imagination into reality in the way they want.

A consultation meeting provides us with a clear vision and opportunity to get accurate and specific information regarding the project because the clearer the vision, better the designs & even better the chances in converting a normal home into your dream home.

3D Rendering Services

At Gothra Studio, our customers are in for a virtual experience of their dream home in finest form. The actual feel of the Designs through 3D visualization makes it easier to experience and relate the thoughts with the visual treat. With different design and pattern combinations the Client’s see how their final Home will look, once ready. Through 3D designs, they visualize the Interiors of their home and can relate that much more if their thoughts are matching their lifestyle, hence evoking a sense of bonding like never before. Gothra Studio are passionate about providing right concept designs and everything else that goes with a full and rewarding designing experience.

We design the concepts, you experience the designs!

Importance of Space planning 

Designing great Homes start with effective planning of spaces. If the kitchen which is more operational in nature fails to meet the fundamental criteria of functionality – it fails the utility test, however beautiful it may look.
Space planning is primarily allocation and division of the available space that helps in creating beautiful designs that not only look good but are functional as well.

A simple furniture or a decor lighting in a room, makes a huge difference in the efficient usage of the space in the room.

Our team of expert designers at The Gothra Studio make maximum use of all the available space in an efficient manner in accordance with the Client’s requirements to create effective spaces complemented by marvelous designs.

Colour Selection For Design Coordination

Colors can set the mood and hence be the most powerful design element for any Home, if they are used effectively. Colors have the ability to set the tone, attract attention or make a statement.

Color selection becomes very crucial as it is highly subjective to individual liking and cannot be universal. Every individual perceives and understands colors differently. Colors has the characteristic to beautify a simple design or hamper a beautiful design. Thus it is very important to get the colors right.

At Gothra Studio, we discuss ideas and thoughts with our clients on different color schemes like Mediterranean, Deccan, Contemporary, Conventional and others before finalizing on the one which the clients often refer to as ‘Perfect’. We then use color combinations judiciously and harmoniously to create an enchanting ambience for you, that lasts a lifetime.

Interior Designs With Lighting, Decor And Soft Furnishing

Lighting has often been ignored in the past, but we at Gothra Studio realize the significance of lighting as it changes the mood and the perceived size of the room through efficient lighting. Designs are defined by lights and shades, and appropriate lighting plays a mammoth role in beautifying any place.

We at Gothra Studio have highly talented and skilled professionals who understand the science and objectivity behind the lights. They carefully select lights that accentuate an ordinary space into a highly preferred activity area. Good lighting emphasizes the look and feel of your room.

We light up every place in your Home in a way which not only complements the overall theme of Interior design to further augment the feel and ambience but also is energy efficient. When the appropriate lighting is achieved, even a dull looking space self-transforms into an exquisite combination of style matched with elegance.

Modular Design Services For Smart Households

Hitting that sweet spot of design that looks exquisite and functions remarkably well is a challenging task but at Gothra Studio, our experts have always been able to hit the right spot.

At Gothra Studio, we offer Modular Designs that look smart and also provide you with enough storage space to make the place beautiful and organized.

We are leading Interior Designer’s in Bangalore who believe in quality, commitment and excellence.

We pay attention to every detail from layout to color to material selection to lighting, installation and customized furniture.

Home Automation & Entertainment

A dream home which is also smart with best in class automation technologies to keep you secure, entertained and comfortable is what we assure.

Gothra Studio offers Home Automation that looks after your safety and offers hassle free automation experience. We also bring to you Home Theater solutions by offering solutions and systems that transforms the home with state-of-the-art products that always keeps you entertained. By integrating everything from lighting controls, music, home theater, climate control and imbibing security into smartphones and tablets - a smart home by Gothra Studio creates personalized experiences that augments your style and provides added comfort, savings, convenience and a peace of mind. We are one of the leading Home automation experts in Bangalore. Our solutions are innovative with cutting edge technology.  We are associated with global giants such as Panasonic, Crabtree and Harman across each of our service lines to ensure our customers experience only the best.

Home Inspection Services- COMPETENCY

Our Associates have lineage of 30+ years in the Construction Project Management Industry with immaculate proficiency while predicting safety, quality and utility issues.
Our Due Diligence Reports are not assumption based- The checks are carried out by internationally qualified inspectors using state of the art equipments powered by digitally advanced technological instruments for inspection
Our online software ensures complete audit without skipping any steps and automatic report generation after review by experts.
The Diligence is based on 100+ checks based on 9 categories including space measurements and Sale Agreement Vs. Final Delivery of Project.


Saves time : we do the inspection in your place
Saves Cost : As the saying goes ‘A stitch in time saves nine’
The technical visual report helps the developer make necessary changes accurately
Area statement helps you get an idea of your living space